The real Love land Ski Area – if this blog or website gets blocked it means love land did it.

Hi! My name is Erika Lee and I am the wife of the late love land ski employee Adam Lee who died at love land ski area on December 28, 2017. I am writing this blog in hopes of truth and change. I am writing to tell the real story behind the accident, the death and the aftermath. To talk about how they treated this dedicated employee that day, the day of the funeral, and his family including his three beautiful kids all under 12 in the weeks that followed. How they treated employees who wanted to speak the truth and how little they seem to care about their image and how often they just sweep things under the rug, I not sure if this will even make a difference however I know I have to do something as nothing will bring him back but together with truth and God on our side maybe we can make change in love land and in the law that protects them at all cost. Please come back and read this blog daily and share as together we can make a difference.